Possible Interview Questions

Possible Interview Questions

List of possible interview questions commonly asked during common job interview.

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These commonly asked possible interview questions are very much beneficial and useful for:

Person who will give General job interview:

Person who will get interview of candidates for the general post.


Icebreaker and Background Questions:

  1. What goals have you set for yourself?
  2. What did you enjoy most about your last present job?
  3. What did you enjoy least about your last/present job?
  4. What can you do for us that someone else cannot?

Behavioral Questions:

  1. Tell me about a time when you delegated a project effectively?
  2. Tell me about time when you surmounted a major obstacle?
  3. Tell me about a time when you set your sights too high?
  4. If I were to interview your reporting staff members, how would they describe your strengths and weakness as a manager and supervisor?

Questions to Determine Fit:

  1. How do you deal with people whose background and value systems differ from yours?
  2. Do you prefer working with others or working alone?

Core Competency Questions:

  1. Has competition had any positive or negative impact on your accomplishments? How?
  2. What’s one management lesson your learned in college?
  3. Why do you want to get into this field?
  4. What would you say to an interviewer who suggested that you do not have very much organizational work experience?
  5. What qualities do you have that especially quality you for this positions?
  6. Your resume does not list any jobs experience in the past few year. Why not?

Ethics Questions:

  1. You are negotiating an important contract with another firm that has a reputation for driving a hard bargain. After a full day of negotiating, the other firm’s representatives depart for the day. They leave behind a folder that appears to contain key information about their negotiating plants. What would you do?
  2. How important is it for organizations to publish ethics politics and guidelines?

Brainteasers and Business Problems:

  1. What was the last product or service you saw that took you breath away?
  2. What’s the most significant compliment anyone has ever paid you?

Closing Questions:

  1. Do you have any questions for us?
  2. Is there anything you’d like to know about the job that would help you to do it better than anyone else?

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