New Pak Business Train Service from Karachi to Mirpurkhas


Ministry of Pakistan Railway started New Pak Business Express from Karachi to Mirpurkhas via Hyderabad. TheĀ Ministry of Railways (MoR) is a Cabinet-level Ministry of Government of Pakistan, tasked and primarily responsible for planning, administrating, and establishing the passengers user friendly services, regulating the railway companies, industries and associated organization. Overall, the control of Pakistan Railways (PR), policy and development of railway network are also managed and administrated by Ministry of Railways.


Luxury and Comfortable Seats.

Refreshment *

Wifi *

Karachi to Mirpurkhas luxury journey in 3:30 hours Via Hyderabad connected Train

The Mos comfortable, luxury, safe and cheapest journey as compared to road.

Timing & Fare of Train:

Departure From Karachi Cantt Station at 3:30 PM

Arrival in Hyderabad 5:35 PM

Fare Rs.265/- of AC Class

Fare Rs.235/- of Economy Class


Departure from Hyderabad 5:45 PM (By Saman Sarkar Express)

Arrival in Mirpurkhas 7:00 PM

Fare Rs. 105/-


(you can purchase train ticket for both stations from Karachi Cantt Station windows).

In Pakistan train is considered most safe journey as compare to road, as now days almost road accidents happen in Pakistan due to negligence of bus driver, so train is best choice among this. And also the cheapest and user friendly journey. You can take sleep, eat, washroom and much more things easily during travelling, which you cannot do in bus. You also enjoy a company in train travelling, you feel like you are in home with your family.


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