The New Era of 5G Technology is Coming Soon

The meaning of mobility is changing and broadening day to day. Current mobile world was built for smart phones and iPads with voice and data in mind. In future world, nothing is except mobile because everything is mobile and mobile. The new technically based machines are coming and we are going to need the next new era of wireless technology to bring innovation, creativity, new connections and unique efforts & capabilities to the connected world. That’s coming era is 5G Technology…yes 5G Technology.


5G Technology is not more Dream, It is coming soon:

Key Thing About 5G Technology:

The Intel recognized that 5G Technology is more than an evolutionary step forward for mobile world and technological industry. Which include many technologies and a much wider ecosystem than has ever been seen in the wireless and telecommunications industries in world. 5G is an intonation point, a place in time where we all will see and experience everything being unique, smart and speedy connected. But in order for billions of people and millions of machines to be connected, we need faster, smarter and stronger efficient networks. The technology to connect to each other, our machines and to the cloud, and to get actionable insights from the huge amount of data, will bring new unique and interesting experiences to our daily lives and transform businesses in new direction.


Due to this now Intel is focusing on three key areas of 5G Technology:

  1. Industry partnerships
  2. End-to-end 5G-related hardware and software Development
  3. Supporting 5G standards setting


Intel is doing effort for Enabling smart, faster, efficient, and strong connectivity to the expected 50 billion connected “things” will make our homes, our cities, area and our world more smarter and our lives richer in new way.

Potential and capability of 5G Technology:

5G Technology has the potential and capability to deliver data hundreds 100+ of times faster than current wireless technologies.

When 5G Technology Dream is Possible:

This dream is possible, when such potential can only be achieved when computing and communications converge are must align with our industry.


To deliver 5G Technology connectivity and intelligence all industries need to must work together. Industry partnerships are more critical and important than ever. No any single company can move this, achieve this technology forward alone. All industries from device and equipment manufacturers to network operators and service providers need to work together. Which will lay down a strong foundation for 5G Technology right now in areas like NFV Network Function Virtualization and NB-IOT etc.

Intel is confident that they have the ability to deliver world-class products, end-to-end, from device to network to data center and cloud and ready to help other industries to achieve this Technology.



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