NADRA Smart Card Fees

Govt of Pakistan reduce NADRA Smart Card Fees:

NADRA (National Database and Registration Authority) is the one and only leading System Integrators in the global identification area and boasts wide experience in designing, implementing and operating solutions for corporate and public sector clients in Pakistan. NADRA (National Database and Registration Authority) offers various services to its clients a portfolio of modified solutions and facilities for identification. Govt of Pakistan reduce NADRA Smart Card Fees which is a good initiate for people of Pakistan.

Before NADRA in Pakistan, there was manual NIC (National Identity Card) “Shankhti Card” system which was nor secure, in this system number of malfunction and scam were made, in old system Other than Pakistan like Afghani, Bangali, Indian, Burmi, Pushtoon can take easily Pakistani Nationality and they took by offering bribe to concerned area office employees. After launching of NADRA by Government of Pakistan, very reforms bring in our National Identity System by introducing Smart Card, Machine Readable Card, Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC), and Machine Readable Passport. In fact NADRA bring revolution in the National Security and Verification System. Currently all Mobile SIMs are connected with NADRA Bio-Matric System. Now only valid CNIC holder can get verified SIM of Ufone, Mobilink, Telenor, Zong and Warid. Even now all banks are connected with NADRA, after verification of NADRA smart card they open the accounts. In future, all verification will be made through NADRA like taxation, police verification, etc.

NADRA Smart Card is new product of NADRA after launching of CNIC, a chip is fixed in NADRA smart card which contain information. NADRA Smart Card fees was 1500/- but now Ministry of Interior, Government of Pakistan minimize its preparation fees from Rs.1500/- to Rs.400/- from 2nd June 2016.

According to Ministry of Interior, Government of Pakistan following are the new rates of NADRA Smart Card fees:

NADRA Smart Card Normal Rs.400.00

Urgent CNIC Card Rs.800.00

Executive NADRA Smart Card Normal Rs.1600.00

(Ref Newspaper Daily Ummat dated 02-June-2016)

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