Interview Questions For Customer Service Related Jobs

Useful For Interview Questions For Customer Services Related Jobs:

This is very much beneficial and useful for:

Person who will give interview for the job related to Customer Services.
Person who will get interview of candidates for the post related to Customer Services.

Icebreaker and Background Questions:
1. Can you tell me a little about yourself?
2. We’re all customers. What frustrates you about customer service?
Behavioral Questions:
3. If you had a customer who was complaining about poor service, how would you handle it?
4. Tell me about your worst customer service dilemma and how you overcome it?
5. Can you tell me about a difficult collection problem and how you dealt with it?
Questions to Determine Fit:
6. What’s one thing we at this company could do to make our customers even more satisfied with us?
7. What is the customer service attitude at your present organization?
Core Competency Questions:
8. How do you deal with customers who think they are right even when they are wrong?
9. At your last job, how often did you take a survey of customer satisfaction?
10. What strategies have you developed to listen to emotional customers without getting hooked?
11. What strategies have you learned to encourage customers to pay on time/
Ethics Questions:
12. How do you define integrity? What is the relationship between individual integrity and business ethics?
Brainteasers and Business Problems:
13. What is the most significant improvement in customer service that you have achieved in the last year?
14. How has technology made customer service better, and how has technology made it worse?
Closing Questions:
15. Do you have any questions for us?

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