Apple will use Intel’s Chip for its next Apple iPhone

Intel’s Chip will be used by next Apple iPhone:

Qualcomm is USA base company who designed and manufactured different chips, modem and related technology.  Qualcomm presently design and manufacture chips and modems for Apple but now Apple ordered to Intel Company for manufacturing of modem for its upcoming next Apple iPhone. Intel is also one of the leading and reputed technological organization in the world who also design and manufactured chips, modem and related things.

World’s different chips and modem manufactured decline to comments on this Apple new development. People are thinking after this new development next Apple iPhone performance will enhance and will work better. Apple is also world leading brand in manufacturing of smart phone, iPhone. Apple will never compromise on quality.

Next Apple iPhone will use modems from Intel company by replacing Qualcomm chips in some versions of the new handset, a new move by the world’s most reputed and well know public company.

Apple has chosen Intel modem chips for the iPhone used on AT&T’s US network and some other version of the smart-phone s for international markets, said people familiar with the matter.

iPhones on Verizon communications network will stick with parts from Qualcomm, which is the only provider of the main communications components of current versions of Apple’s flagship product.
Crucially for Qualcomm, iPhones sold in China will work on Qualcomm chips, said the people, who asked not to be identified because Apple has not made its plant public.

Representative for all firms declined to comment. Orders from Apple represent the first major win for an Intel mobile chips programs that had struggled for relevance and  racked up operating losses. The shot in the arm for the world largest chip maker further dents the dominance of Qualcomm in base-band processors that connect phone to network and convert radio signals into voice and data.


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