How to Boost Children’s Immunity System


Best Tips to Boost Your Children’s Immunity System

 There is nothing more worrisome for a mother than to have child suffer from bouts of allergies, lingering flu or other infections flu or other infections that become increasingly common with fluctuating weather patterns and rising temperatures. This all happen due to poor immunity system of children.

 Given that even mild medications have side-effects, here are four ways in which mums can boost their children’s immunity naturally. Following are the best tip to improve and make strong immunity system of your children.


  1. Good Hygiene:

Children spend most of their time playing outdoors and often on the floor, with dirt and bacteria accumulating over their clothes and bodies. Therefore, it is essential that a strict routine of regular bathing, changing clothes, hand washing with soap, trimming nails regularly, as well as brushing teeth twice daily is instituted. Although these habits do no boost immunity, but they help to prevent germs causing practices from being ingested or absorbed into the blood through the skin.


  1. Creative engagement:

High decibel sound and extended exposure to radiation (all smart devices give of these rays) and bright lighting may cause permanent nerve damage. Therefore, it is important to engage children in activities that help develop their numeric, spatial and creative abilities, such as solving puzzles, playing with building blocks, sketching or coloring.


  1. Sunlight exposure:

It is crucial that children are exposed to sunlight as the UV (Ultra Violate) rays synthesis vitamin D, essential for bone growth and muscular development. With school holidays beginning in a few weeks, it is a good idea to enroll children at summer school where they can play outdoor sports such as cricket football and hockey. This will prevent vitamin D deficiency.


  1. Balanced Diet:

It is essential that children’s meals comprise of all food group (beef, mutton, chicken, diary and particularly fruit and leafy greens). This ensures that they ingest the required amounts of immunity-boosting vitamin C as well as bone building calcium, magnesium and iron. An often ignore elements of strengthening children’s immunity system is breastfeeding for at least six months; breast milk is packed with diseases-fighting antibodies and white blood cells.


Care your children because they are your future investment and assets!

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