Benefits of Regular Physical Exercise in Human Life



Regular Physical Exercise

Regular energetic physical exercise play key role in our life and essential for the maintenance of normal condition of life. Lack of physical exercise is one of the major causes of weakness, poor health and illness. In recent years, the need for exercise has been recognized even in illness. Physiotherapy and occupational therapy are now standard procedures in medicine to restore the use of muscles and nerves that have been injured by disease or by accident. Patients with organic disorder and related problem are now advised to stay on bed for the minimum period considered necessary, outcomes of long term stay on bed are very negative which impact on our body and life.

Exercise and Activity:

For healthy living exercise and activity both are important, but there is a difference between exercise and activity. Although both are very important as they are involved in vital physical movement, they differ in degree and benefits.


Activity uses the body to a limited degree and generally to achieve a specific purpose.

Activity requires less physical effort and often less conscious effort once the routine has been established.


Exercise employs the body over the widest possible range of movement for the particular purpose of maintaining or acquiring muscle tone and control with maximum joint flexibility.

Exercise demands considerable physical effort and is more beneficial as mental concentration is simultaneously employed.


Benefits of Regular physical exercise:

Regular physical exercise has numerous benefits, following are the important benefits:

  1. Regular physical exercise properly can increased use of food by the body which contributes to health and fitness.
  2. Regular physical exercise can bring about the balance of nervous system. The tone of the vagus nerve, one of the nerves that control sensation and motion, is strengthened.
  3. Regular physical exercise can prevent or reduce gravitational ptosis or sag, as it is commonly called. Ptosis results from uneven flow of blood in the feet, legs and lower abdomen.
  4. Regular physical exercise can improved capillary action in the working of muscular and brain tissue results from exercise carried to the point of real endurance, which permits greater blood flow and gives the muscles, including the heart, more resistance to fatigue. Massage, heat and moderate exercise are ineffective in producing additional capillary action in comparison with regular physical vigorous exercise.
  5. The full use of the lungs in Regular physical vigorous exercise can reduce or prevent lung congestion due to lymph accumulation.
  6. Gas and intra-intestinal accumulations can be reduced by Regular physical exercise that acts to knead and squeeze or vibrate the intraintestinal mass.
  7. Better respiratory reserve is developed by continual regular physical exercise, which ensures better breath holding, especially after a standard exercise. With better respiratory reserves, exercise becomes easier.
  8. Improvement in tone and function of veins can be accomplished by repetitiously by regular physical exercise. Regular physical exercise compress and draining the blood out of them and then allowing them to fill.
  9. Sweating in energetic physical exercise aids kidneys by helping to reduce the waste matter from the body.
  10. Regular physical exercise leads to improvement in quality of blood. Research have shown that due to physical exercise hemoglobin levels improved, relatively greater alkalinity, improved total protein content and a grater red cell count.
  11. Regular physical exercise promotes physical strength and mental vigor and same strengthens will power and self control leading to pleasant-sounding development of the whole system.

So do regular physical exercise and enjoy a happy and pleasant life.

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