16 Best Part-Time Jobs for Students

Searching and getting job during students life is very tough task. Maintaining balance work of classes, domestic work, curricular activities, social activities are challenging along with jobs during student life, but thousands of students are doing same with their study. Jobs for students are much but we mentioned here with best possible jobs for students.

Should Students Do Job with Study?

It depends on the student’s status, if he or she is needy having limited resource and suffering from financial crisis or could not afford the expenses of study then he can do job, if he or she is good in study and can balance the study with job then they can do the job, some time some students required job to develop their skills during students life they can also do the job.

Must know before applying for a job:

Before applying for any part-time job, you must know the labour laws of that state for job as a student. Like some school/college required certain GPA or Grade along with job, some country allow limited time for students job etc. 

Below are the Best Part-Time Jobs for Students which is possible to do during study:

  1. Retail/Sales Job

It is an easy job and you will enjoy working with the customers. Departmental Stores almost hire students looking for after-school employment. You will learn responsibility, money management, customer management and care and how to effectively deal with customers in this job.

  1. Tutor/Instructor Job

This job is very good amount paid job, parents pay enough money to tutor for their kids tuition. So avail benefits of your knowledge and study to help their kids success. In this job you can set your own schedule with your clients which is win-win for a high school student.

  1. Warehouse and Distribution Helper Job

This is also a part time Jobs for Students in which you need to use your some muscles for loading and unloading inventory in warehouses and distribution centers. The evening time for this job best fit neatly for students.

  1. Web Designer/Web Developer

If you have technical skills in web designing or web development,  so you can do this job by sitting at home. You can earn more and more in this job.

  1. Data Entry Operator Job

If your typing speed is good, you know the MS Office applications you can do this job and you can earn good wages.

  1. Animal Shelter Worker Job

If you like and love animals, working at an animal shelter could be a great part-time job while you are in school.

If you want to become a veterinarian, this part-time job provides you excellent experience of working closely with animals.

  1. Arts and Crafts Production and Sales Job

This job is not for every student but if you have artistic skills, there may be a very good market for items that you create. At the end of the year, schools and churches, community organizations hold arts and crafts fairs where you can get benefits.

  1. Babysitting Job

Babysitters are paid well for their time who spend for babysitting. If you are CPR-certified babysitters then your demand will be high. The Red Cross organization offers an intensive course of training for babysitters. Where you learn first aid training, diapering and feeding techniques, and interview tips.

  1. Car Wash Attendant Job

Very easy Jobs for Students but you will be getting low wages. In this job you are almost guaranteed to remain busy. You can also keep your car shiny and clean, free of charge! If you have.

  1. Document and Photograph Archival Services Job

Much of us people need documents, photos to be scanned and stored but few people have the time to do this work. People have thousands of photos from the pre-digital camera era. They all want to have all of the photos scanned and stored/saved safely online or in a computer file or writing in DVD,  but no one has the time to tackle this time-consuming work. Start this job by offer scanning, storage, and archival services for their documents and photos. You can archived the documents, photos to Google Docs and photos can be scanned and stored on DVDs, websites, and computers.

  1. Grocery Store Employee Job

Grocery stores hire students throughout the year as this work is On all the time. There are many different types of jobs at a grocery store, like workers, stock shelves, mop floors, cash register. Students can expect to make minimum wage working at a grocery store part time.

  1. Landscaper/Lawn Care Job

Working as a landscaper or doing lawn care part-time lets you get outside and enjoy the sunshine, while also getting paid to work.

  1. Pizza Delivery Driver Job

If you have a bike, cycle or car and a good driving way, you can get a job of delivering pizzas at home and office. Pizza delivery drivers not earn very much, but they receive tips which becomes good amount. 

  1. Packing and Moving Services Job

The pay will be minimum wage, or little bit more than minimum wage but tips will be split amongest the staff which is additional incentive. 

  1. Personal Assistant Services Job

Personal assistant to the work of Running errands, walking dogs, and wrapping gifts and such type of tasks. The services may be few at start but with passage of time and your performance they will give you more and more tasks and will give you more wages. 

  1. Restaurant Waiter Staff Job

This is more favorite jobs of students, because in this job the tips can be good, and employees typically receive good discounted or free meals during their shifts.

Useful Advice for Students:

Students have different motivations for finding a part-time Jobs for Students while in high school/college or university, in which some jobs may not bring much money, but the work experiences are valuable in other side too. In few hours of a day, students learn about responsibility, effective money management, customer dealing skills, problem solving skills, decision making skills, budgeting, people skills, working with team and professionalism approach and also building self-esteem with learning how to succeed in the real world after completing study mean complete learn life skills. If working students maintain time for homework, extracurricular school activities, and for socializing networking with friends and having a part-time job is a solid learning experience really.

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